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How DPF Remedy Works

There are HUNDREDS of DPF cleaning products and methods in the marketplace today but there’s ONLY ONE Diesel Particulate Filter Remedy!

DPF Remedy is an organic diesel fuel catalyst that prevents the soot/particulates from forming and reaching your DPF in the first place!

Reduce your Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration events (DPF Regens) with our additive by up to 800% while increasing performance and horsepower 3 to 5% and reducing fuel consumption up to 20%!

How To Use DPF Remedy

Our proprietary “Quick Dissolve” process makes treating your vehicle with our diesel particulate filter additive as easy as filling your tank.


No mixing, no measuring, just drop the proper number of DPF Remedy tablets into your fuel tank every time you fuel. (DPF Remedy comes in either 50 or 10 gallon tablets)

By the time you’re done fueling, the formula has mixed with your fuel to ensure perfect combustion starting with your first tank. Our additive is a great option for fuel efficiency.

While you will notice the DPF benefits immediately, it may take 3-5 tanks for you to notice a large increase in fuel efficiency.

Your fuel savings from our DPF additive will more than pay for DPF Remedy. Increased performance, easier starts, better acceleration and a smoother running engine will be noticeable every time you get behind the wheel.


Want to learn more about the science behind DPF Remedy?

Download the DPF Remedy™ Technical Bulletin

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