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Extend Regen Cycles

Incomplete diesel fuel combustion creates excessive diesel particulate matter (soot) production. Without a diesel engine efficiency additive, soot deposits are created more rapidly and prohibit your DPF from functioning properly, resulting in increased ‘back-pressure’.  As back-pressure increases, the operating temperate of the DPF rises to dangerous levels until the system is triggered to execute a regeneration cycle.

Regeneration cycles are inconvenient for the user and shorten the life of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).  Every time a regeneration is triggered, the life of the DPF is reduced; the risk of dangerous results is exposed, and fuel is wasted to reach the excessive temperatures to complete a regeneration cycle.

DPF Remedy’s diesel engine efficiency additive dramatically reduces DPF regeneration events and the time interval between the “regen” by optimizing fuel combustion.  Near perfect fuel combustion results in up to 90% less exhaust soot, a significant reduction in back pressure and massive reduction in “regens.”  You’ll also see 10-20% reduction in fuel consumption!  Select the package treatment size for your truck or fleet below

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