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Diesel engines are known and cherished for two major attributes: torque and reliable (extended) engine life.  Diesel Particulate Filter technology negatively impacts the engine’s productive life with constantly building back pressure and contaminated exhaust gas re-circulation which harms EGR and EGR cooler components and causes frequent regens and DPF cleaning.  Carbon and soot build up causes “carbon packing” and is a major contributor to premature engine failure.  DPF Remedy’s organic fuel catalyst reduces exhaust soot by as much as 90% which means immediate (first tank of treated fuel) and dramatic reduction in back pressure and resulting DPF regenerations.Protect

DPF Remedy further re-mediates this problem by bonding with old carbon deposits at the carbon chain level and removing them in the combustion process NOT by abrasive detergents or solvents.  Continued DPF Remedy treatment prevents new carbon deposits from forming.  DPF Remedy extends engine life because injectors, pistons, ports, and other system components are maintained at their designed, optimal levels of cleanliness – improving performance (90% fewer DPF regens and 10-20% better MPG) and extending engine life. DPF Remedy extends the life of your engine by keeping it clean of destructive carbon deposits and with the reduction of soot, no crankcase contamination means visibly cleaner engine oil throughout the maintenance cycle.
Your engine deserves better and your DPF problems are not going to go away on their own… We have the remedy, DPF Remedy. Select your treatment option below and enjoy far less DPF regens and other emissions system repairs.  Fuel and DEF savings far outweigh the cost of treatment, “You’re spending more money by NOT treating with DPF Remedy.”

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