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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) systems are designed to reduce excessive diesel particulate matter (exhaust soot) into the atmosphere. The DPF captures exhaust soot produced during fuel combustion. Accumulated soot causes back pressure which triggers the regeneration (regen) process which renders the soot to ash and allows your engine to resume regular duty.  Until the next time!  Problem is, next time comes much faster than anyone (OEM’s) expected and depending on your engine’s duty cycle.  Excessive regens destroy your fleet productivity whether it’s one truck or ten thousand.  DPF Remedy fosters nearly perfect combustion efficiency which dramatically and immediately reduces the cause of DPF regeneration.
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DPF Remedy allows fuel to burn more completely at much lower temperatures.  The result is less Diesel Particulate Matter (soot) and NOx, hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxide.  Lower temps and less NOx reduces Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption 10-20% or more.  You’ll use up to 20% less diesel fuel, 20% less DEF and your DPF regens will drop as much as 90%.  You’ll save multiples over the cost of DPFRemedy treatment.  It’s the best return on investment you’ll ever see!
Your engine deserves better and your DPF problems are not going to go away on their own …  We have the remedy, DPF Remedy.  You can select the size package you need below.

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