Diesel particulate filter systems are designed purely for one thing – reducing the emission of excessive diesel particulate matter (soot) into the atmosphere.  The DPF attempts to contain all of the soot produced during the combustion of the engine.  As the diesel particulate filter operates, the efficiency diminishes, failing to contain soot, and the wear on the DPF increases, decreasing its effectiveness.  DPF Remedy allows your fuel to more completely burn, which dramatically reducing the emissions, increasing the DPF’s effectiveness and life.Reduce emissions DPF EPA DPF Remedy

By reducing the soot production, or emissions, DPF Remedy decreases the chance of regulator violations. Curing your diesel particulate filter problems before they begin.

Your engine deserves better and your DPF problems are not going to go away on their own…  We have the remedy, DPF Remedy.   You can select the size package you need below.

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Hey Guys, Kevin here with DPF Remedy.  We have been seeing a lot of comments online.  We are getting a lot of online messages, telephone calls, just a lot of skepticism out of the marketplace. And we don't blame you. We have had 30 years and hundreds of bad additives...

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