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Will DPF Remedy affect the performance of my vehicle?

A) Heck yes! More efficient combustion will give you quicker starts, more horsepower, better utilization of fuel, and clean all old carbon deposits from associated components. Performance increase will be very noticeable, and diesel particulate filter problems will be lessened by our additive.

How long will it take to see results?

A) DPF Remedy starts working on the first tank of fuel. The formula works immediately to begin to burn diesel particulates as energy, not as emissions. After four or five tanks all of the old carbon will be removed and your fuel mileage and performance will increase dramatically and with up to 87% less soot production, your DPF will breathe a sigh of relief.


How do I use the product?

A) Simply drop the tablets in your tank and they will bind with the fuel within 6 minutes.

Will DPF Remedy affect my fuel mileage?

A) Are you sitting down? How ’bout increasing your fuel mileage up to 20%? DPF Remedy solves DPF problems and not only pays for itself but actually pays you to use it. It’s costing you more money right now NOT to use DPF Remedy.


Is it safe for my engine?

A) The formula is an organic fuel catalyst, EPA registered and safe for all engines, diesel or gasoline. Your engine and fuel system is much safer with DPF Remedy than without it.

Will I still need to clean the DPF filter element at some point?

A) DPF Remedy has been shown to extend particulate filter regeneration intervals by up to 800% in real world applications. The frequency of regeneration events reflects the amount of soot accumulating which corresponds to the frequency of filter cleaning. Thus filter cleaning and other DPF problems will be dramatically reduced.


Will DPF Remedy harm fuel injectors?

A) No, it will save your fuel injectors from a dirty life! Injectors and other fuel system components stay clean and function properly. DPF Remedy protects your fuel system.


I have a fleet, can I buy DPF Remedy in bulk?

A) Yes, we can furnish liquid concentrate for large tank treatments. Municipalities and large fleets often treat their bulk tanks so all of the vehicles are benefiting from DPF Remedy. Email [email protected] for fleet pricing.


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