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Vehicles with diesel engines are known for their durability, power, and high fuel efficiency. Many people in California switch to diesel fuels because of these reasons and companies choose diesels as their trucks and heavy-duty vehicles because of the high use they endure. Fuel is typically the #1 or #2 cost for fleet operation. Fuel efficient driving can only carry you so far when it comes to time in between fuel ups. The best way to prolong this time is by regular maintenance and by using DPF Remedy’s diesel fuel treatment to create higher fuel efficiency in your fuel combustion.
Save on fuel diesel engines

When you add DPF Remedy to your fuel tank it allows an efficient fuel combustion with lower ignition temperatures. This DPF alternative results in less emissions and up to 20% less fuel consumption. DPF Remedy pays for itself in multiples, saving you twice the cost in just California diesel fuel savings while helping prolong the life of your engine, reducing emissions, and providing a legal alternative to DPF delete.

Save money on fuel costs with DPF Remedy’s California diesel fuel efficiency treatment and DPF alternative, available for 10- and 50- gallon tanks. Simply add a tablet to your tank at every fuel up and prolong the amount of time between fuel ups, saving you time and money.

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