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Diesel engines are known for their low-operating costs while remaining highly efficient, reliable, and durable. These features make diesel engines the preferred choice for heavy-duty vehicles. Unfortunately, diesel engine fuel is also known to be one of the largest contributors of environmental pollution caused through emissions. The diesel particulate filter, or DPF, plays a significant role in California exhaust reduction and cutting back on these diesel engine fuel emission pollution numbers.
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The DPF is responsible for catching and storing the exhaust soot that results from inefficient fuel combustion. When the DPF gets full, or is illegally removed, it increases the amount of emissions that are released. When DPF Remedy is added to your California diesel engine’s fuel it allows the fuel to be burned completely which in turn dramatically reduces the build-up of particulate matter, effecting diesel engine emissions and exhaust. The production of soot from fuel burn is lessened and therefore the soot build-up in your DPF is dramatically reduced. This cures the DPF problems before they begin and reduces the emissions and exhaust your diesel engine vehicle produces.

Reduce the amount of emissions that your California diesel engine fuel is releasing by adding a DPF Remedy tablet to your fuel tank at every fuel up. Our tablets are available in 10- and 50-gallon sizes and have seen results as quickly as the first fuel up.

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