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One of the biggest advantages of a diesel engine over a gasoline powered engine is longevity. While gasoline powered engine life cycle averages around 200,000 miles, a diesel engine can run for as much as 1,000,000 miles or more. Taking good care of your diesel engine helps guarantee that it will meet, or even surpass, its life expectancy. One way to extend the life of your diesel engine and to create a higher efficiency is by using DPF Remedy California diesel fuel additive carbon removal tablets in your fuel tank to create a better fuel combustion which ensures trouble free DPF function and significantly cleaner engine oil resulting in longer engine life.Protect

DPF Remedy’s diesel fuel additive combustion chemistry serves to remove old carbon deposits by bonding with them in the combustion process, without using abrasive or detergent agents.  This same chemistry prevents new carbon deposits from forming. The engine performance is improved and the engine’s life extended because the system components are left clean. Along with increasing the performance and the life of your engine, DPF Remedy’s diesel fuel  additive solves most of the problems that are associated with the diesel particulate filter and serves as a safe and legal alternative to DPF delete.

Extend the life and enhance the efficiency of your diesel engine by adding a DPF Remedy carbon removal tablet to 50- or 10-gallons of fuel every time you fuel up. 

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