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Extend Regen Cycles

Your diesel particulate filter, or DPF, helps with the capture and storage of exhaust soot which is the result of incomplete fuel combustion. This buildup of soot is a major problem and creates inefficiency in your DPF’s functionality and in your vehicle’s performance. The DPF requires maintenance, or a regen cycle, regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness and engine efficiency.

Cleaning or replacing your DPF filter is costly and time consuming. With our California DPF fuel additive for engine efficiency, the frequency of regen cycles is extended up to 800%. No more DPF regen problems means more time for productivity.

DPF Remedy treated fuel burns faster and more completely which yields more energy (MPG) and significantly less partially burned fuel (exhaust soot). Our California diesel fuel additive clients see the results of our diesel engine efficiency additive immediately, often with the first tank of treated fuel.

To begin extending the regen cycles of your diesel vehicle, simply add correct ratio of our DPF diesel fuel additive treatment tablets (available in both 10 and 50 gallon size for your convenience) to your fuel tank at each fueling and begin experiencing efficient diesel engine combustion.

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