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So what’s the answer?

Your DPF regenerates because of excessive exhaust soot overwhelming the DPF. Exhaust soot is the product of incomplete combustion, the soot is actually partially burned fuel. Soot creates back pressure and the regeneration is triggered and your headaches begin. Lost time, excess fuel consumption and the dominoes keep falling to include EGR valves and coolers, sensors, turbo actuators, fuel injectors, etc.

There is only one answer to excessive DPF Regeneration: Eliminate or dramatically reduce diesel particulate matter (soot). If you can achieve near perfect combustion efficiency, exhaust soot drops to the point where DPF regenerations or “regens” would be extremely rare. Our answer is to eliminate most of the soot in the exhaust by immediately and dramatically improving the fuel burn. DPF Remedy improves combustion efficiency and reduces soot AND “regens” by as much as 90%.

You get better combustion, faster more efficient burn and a dramatic reduction in soot. Less soot = Less need for DPF regeneration. That’s how DPF Remedy solves DPF problems starting with the first tank of treated fuel. Many of our clients have seen daily regens go to weekly or monthly regens. It’s that powerful and it happens fast. Normally with the first tank of treated fuel. The soot reduction also means clean EGR valves and emissions sensors, injectors and proper administration of DEF.

If you’re sick and tired of the latest greatest emissions solutions DPF’s EGR, SCR, not working for you, this is the “Remedy.”

If you’re not 100% familiar with how diesel particulate filters work, you should definitely take a look at this article How Diesel Particulate Filters Work.

What can prevent normal regeneration from taking place?

The single biggest cause of incomplete DPF regeneration is the duty cycle of the vehicle. Engines need to achieve extended periods of high temperature, high RPM activity in order to complete a DPF regeneration. If your duty cycle is like most real world trucks, you have wait time, lots of starts and stops, congested traffic, high idle times, bad weather, short trips, multiple deliveries/stops or a combination of some of all of these scenarios.

In short, your vehicle doesn’t run on a dyno in a laboratory under controlled conditions! This, along with all of the related DPF issues like clogged faceplates, clogged EGR valves, EGR cooler failure, damaged doser valves, sensors, carbon packed turbo’s and other components will leave you stranded at the worst time and place. DPF Remedy keeps this from happening.

DPF Remedy is space age fuel technology and chemistry promoting astounding combustion efficiency and engine performance. It’s not some 99 cent additive next to the lottery tickets and the energy shots at the fuel desk!

DPF Remedy is EPA Registered and SAFE for all engines. The product pays for itself many times over in fuel savings and reduced repair costs as well as increasing UP TIME! Your truck needs to be on the road, not in the shop.

Also, use the proper oil and OEM recommended Diesel Exhaust Fluid, there’s no substitute for a regular maintenance program.

So, what is the solution?

You need to immediately reduce soot and carbon from the equation. There are many expensive, time consuming ways to fix these problems AFTER they occur but only DPF Remedy stops all of this from happening BEFORE it’s a problem. We not only remove carbon from engine components, we PREVENT it from forming again. DPF Remedy treated fuel burns faster and at significantly lower temperatures which allows huge gains in MPG, often 20% MPG improvement. You’ll also see cleaner engine oil which means longer engine life. You’ll also burn up to 20% less Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and may never need to clean your Diesel Particulate Filter again.

Here’s how DPF Remedy works:

DPF Remedy is available in 10 gallon and 50 gallon treatment tablets. Our quick dissolve process is proprietary and allows the catalyst properties to begin working immediately. Simply add to your fuel at each fill up and experience combustion efficiency like never before. You’ll see better mileage, smoother idle, better performance and acceleration, cleaner oil and dramatically less DPF regens and costly related problems. You will see at least a 2-1 return on the cost of the treatment and if you’re like most of our clients, you’ll never want to drive another mile without the protection and performance of DPF Remedy in your fuel and emissions systems. It’s like a preventative maintenance program in a tablet.

How To Use DPF Remedy

Our proprietary “Quick Dissolve” process makes treating your vehicle as easy as filling your tank.

No mixing, no measuring, just drop the proper number of DPF Remedy tablets into your fuel tank every time you fuel. (DPF Remedy comes in either 50 or 10 gallon tablets)

By the time you’re done fueling, the formula has mixed with your fuel to ensure perfect combustion starting with your first tank.

While you will notice the DPF benefits immediately, it may take 3-5 tanks for you to notice a large increase in fuel mileage.

Your fuel savings will more than pay for DPF Remedy. Increased performance, easier starts, better acceleration and a smoother running engine will be noticeable every time you get behind the wheel.

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